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Ann Scott - Jewels, Bags & More

Thank you for visiting my boutique.  I’d like to share what inspired the creation of Jewels, Bags & More… 

Coming from a large family of 8 children, I learned at a young age the value of the dollar and how to stretch it.  My early years were filled with entrepreneurial ventures focused on earning money for what all girls want…clothes, makeup, shoes…and more clothes!  Thankfully, Mom’s sewing skills introduced me to a whole new realm of possibilities.  I could keep my wardrobe happy by creating my own clothes!  That experience fueled a LOVE of color, texture and design.  Talk about empowering!  Thank you, Mom! 

That love led to studying art in college.  After graduation, I initially spent several years as an Art Consultant.  Then after a time, my continuing interest in fashion presented a new opportunity.  In 2008, I became an independent sales rep supplying women’s boutiques with wholesale fashions.  However, it was shocking to see the high markups charged by those boutiques.  That sparked an idea.  What if the cost of store overhead could be eliminated?  Could I offer women fantastic designs without breaking the bank?  

Well, I discovered I could.  That same year of 2008, a friend and I brainstormed and together we created Jewels, Bags & More (JBM) to showcase the latest in women’s fashions and accessories by way of a Traveling Boutique concept.  For 14 years, our continually changing array of affordable styles has made JBM a favorite shopping attraction at Fashion Shows, Private Club Events, Fundraisers and Vendor Fairs…especially during gift-buying seasons!   

Today, my early experiences constantly influence JBM’s philosophy to offer designs that can be worn several ways, allowing women to stretch their wardrobe with styles that create multiple looks…and STILL enjoy budget-friendly prices!

So no matter what inspires your fashion sense...be it gorgeous ShawlsCapes and Ponchos, exciting fashion Jewelry, luscious silky Pashminas, Infinity Scarves...or other fashion delights, you're sure to enjoy our stylish, must-have looks!  With most prices ranging from $19-$85, there is something to fit every woman's budget.

And now with the addition of online shopping, it's easier than ever to acquire JBM's fabulous designs!  ...I truly hope you enjoy your shopping experience.

                                                                      My best to you!

                                                                      Jewels, Bags & More…by Ann Scott